The future looks bright for Web 2.0

by Fredrik Savin on 22/03/2007 · 0 comments

The Mckinsey Quarterly, the McKinsey & Company’s print and online publication, published a survey in March 2007 regarding how businesses use Web 2.0, a phrase that refers to the second generation of web-based technologies and services such as social networking sites and communication tools.  Popular websites such as MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube and Wikipedia can all be classified as sites based upon the Web 2.0 concept.

The survey was conducted in January 2007 and is based upon 2,847 responses from executives world-wide.

44% of the executives hold C-level positions within their respective company, i.e. the highest level of executives including CEO, COO and CIO. Almost 75% of the respondents say that their company is planning to maintain or to increase their investments in Web 2.0 technologies in coming years. The survey also shows that executives from industries and regions that were slow to invest in these types of technologies during the past five years are interested in moving forward more aggressively.  For example, 80% of the respondents from India are stating that they will step up investments in Web 2.0 technologies during the coming years.

So why are businesses using Web 2.0 technologies according to McKinsey & Company? First and foremost are the companies using these technologies to communicate with customers and business partners but also to encourage collaboration inside the company.

I can highly recommend everyone with an interest in Web 2.0 technologies and services to read this survey. It covers a range of technologies such as blogs, RSS and peer-to-peer networks and shows that executives are not necessarily focusing on the most popular trends such as blogs. Executives are today placing more and more importance on technologies that will enable automation and networking.

You can read the survey here.  Please note that you need to register (which is free!) to read the complete survey.

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