The Presidential Election of 2008

by Fredrik Savin on 18/03/2007 · 0 comments

I am officially launching my new place on the web and my first blog by addressing one of next year’s biggest and perhaps most important events, the US election. Dagens Industri, a Swedish business newspaper, published an article in February 2007 regarding the Internet’s importance for the upcoming election. The article raised several points regarding candidates’ use of the Internet as a communication channel.

It is today possible for American citizens to stay informed about the presidential race at higher level than ever before. The same apply for us Europeans. Everyone with Internet access are just a couple of clicks from a candidate’s or a party’s manifesto. Candidates are today using the Internet to find contributors, share and receive information.

Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady and one of the Democrats key players, is using her website to generate new supporters, raise funds, and connect to voters via her blog and video casts.  Mrs. Clinton does also use her site to get people to sign up for her newsletter. It would be very interesting to know what the actual conversation rate (define) is for these type of newsletters – i.e. how many votes these type of campaigns generate. Barak Obama, the Senator of Illinois and also a Democrat, goes one step further and has integrated a social network on his website which gives supporters the possibility to interact with each other, to become fundraisers and even to create their own blog. Mr. Obama does even have his own section at YouTube, a popular video sharing website.

It is obvious that candidates are aware of the very importance of blogs and social media sites such as MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube in today’s society. This is the first presidential election since most of these websites were developed so it is still unclear what difference they will make. It is however extremely important for the candidates to make sure that they are still in charge of the contents and do not let the phenomena of user-generated-contents take over the presidential race.

What do you think about social media and its importance in political campaigns? Will it help candidates to generate more votes or should they stick to the traditional media?

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