How a blog can boost your career prospects

by Fredrik Savin on 30/05/2007 · 0 comments

Are you looking for new ways of adding more value to your CV before graduation? Or are you looking for additional Extra Curricular Activities to add to your internship application before sending it off this coming autumn?

We all know that there are plenty of brilliant candidates out there with excellent grades from top ranked universities with work experience from well-recognized and prestigious institutions. How are you going to compete with them?

One way is to use one of the most powerful mediums in the history of mankind – the Internet.

Information is the number one currency on the Internet. In other words, content is king. Learn to manage it well and you shall be very successful. This applies to everyone from the rookie entrepreneur to the largest corporation. But it also applies to you, the student looking for top-notch employment. The way forward for you is to create a blog.

Blog is short for web log, a webpage that serves as a personal journal for individuals. But be aware – you should not use a blog to write about how intoxicated you were last weekend. Even if you do not intend to include it in your job application, a recruiter can easily Google your name and find out things about you they should not.

For businesses, blogs are a powerful tool for promotion and marketing. Firms can add a new dimension to their websites by having a blog that provides good information for its customers while being timely and fun. You can easily replicate the same concept.

A blog can be an extremely powerful tool if optimized correctly:

- They demonstrate that an individual is multi dimensional. A blog can demonstrate ones interests, passions and personality.
- Blogs can be an opportunity to demonstrate qualities such as creativity, entrepreneurship, communication and writing skills. These qualities are very important outside a professional setting as well as at a workplace.
- Blogs can also show that you have a larger view of the world. That you see what is going on outside the world of academia and that you are interested in being involved.

So what are you waiting for? Find a topic or area of your interest and start blogging. Perhaps you are a scratch golfer eager to show the world how great you are. You can use your blog to share swing- and strategy tips with peers from all over the world in text, streamed video and pictures. The possibilities are endless.

The two following websites offers the facility to create blogs for free:

- WordPress –a blog publishing system written in PHP. The tool is backed by a MySQL database and can easily be installed on most web hosting services. It is also possible to create a WordPress blog without having a hosting account at

- – a blog-publishing tool owned by Google. It possible to connect it to your account.

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