How to track people and companies on the web

by Fredrik Savin on 19/11/2007 · 0 comments

Are you looking to learn more about a candidate you are considering for an opening at your company? Or perhaps you are keen on knowing how your company is described in the media? Then you should try a service called Google Alerts. The service, which is free to use, gives users the possibility of learning when and where a certain keyword, e.g. a person or competitor, is quoted in the media. Updates are sent via e-mail in either plain text or HTML format.

How to use the service:

  • Create a new account on Google Alert’s website. This is very easy and not at all time consuming, especially if you already have an account with Google.
  • Enter the keyword(s) you wish to receive updates on. It is possible to add/delete keywords later on.
  • Enter the frequency in which checks are made for new results (e.g. daily or as it happens).
  • Decide in which format you wish to receive the updates. I can recommend HTML for formatting reasons.

Google Alerts is relevant for a range of business activities, from HR to market research. Learn more about the service on the URL below:

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