The 45 most influential people in technology

by Fredrik Savin on 18/02/2008 · 0 comments

A panel of experts, which included Clive Holtham of Cass Business School, has named Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, the most influential figure in technology over the last 150 years. The nominees were given marks across the following five categories: innovation; ground-breaking technology; industry success; impact on society and influence.

Here are the 10 most influential people in technology:

  1. Tim Berners-Lee: Founder of the modern World Wide Web
  2. Sergey Brin: Co-founder of Google
  3. Larry Page: Co-founder of Google
  4. Guglielmo Marconi: Inventor of the Radiotelegraph system
  5. Jack Kilby: Inventor of the Integrated Circuit and Calculator
  6. Gordon Moore: Co-founder of Intel
  7. Alan Turing: Played a major role in deciphering German Code in the 2nd World War
  8. Robert Noyce: Co-founder of Intel
  9. William Shockley: Co-inventor of the Transistor
  10. Don Estridge: Led the development of the IBM computer

The complete list, which was sponsored by Intel, can be found here.

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