Fsavin.com – New Design and Mission Statement

by Fredrik Savin on 19/10/2009 · 0 comments

Fsavin.com has now been updated with a new design and Content Management System (CMS). It’s still work in progress and should be completed within the near future.

I will from now on mainly use this site to blog about Enterprise 2.0 (E 2.0), the topic for my dissertation. More specifically, I will be looking at E 2.0, a term coined by Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School in 2006, from the perspective of the millennial generation (also known as Generation Y).

Why the millennial generation and not today’s knowledge workers? My contemporaries and I will shortly be arriving in the workplace with a lot of familiarity with Web 2.0 tools that we have used privately outside the world of academia (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). This will of course affect our expectations on the type of communication and collaborative technologies that will be available to us in future employment. For example, it’s a big difference between being a digital native to a digital immigrate in terms of digital preferences etc. A lot of us prefer to use social software platforms instead of e-mail and other channels. I believe that our digital preferences will play an important part in shaping and defining the communication and collaborative tools of the future.

Dr. Martin Rich, Lecturer in Information Management at Cass Business School in London, has agreed to supervise my project. Click here to visit his blog.

Watch this space for analysis, commentary and information on E 2.0 and the User-Driven Web from the perspective of a millennial.

NB: As my time and budget for this project is quite limited, I will mainly focus on the use of E 2.0 within organisations. E 2.0 technologies and tools can also be used between companies and their partners or customers. See Andrew McAfee’s blog for a more detailed explanation.

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