Enterprise 2.0 at Adidas Group

by Fredrik Savin on 10/11/2009 · 0 comments

I just found this interesting slideshow on the Enterprise 2.0 initiatives at Adidas Group by Christian Kuhna. Christian, who’s Head of Internal Communication at Adidas, looks at the shift from Traditional to Social Media (or institutional control to user control) and presents some of company’s new Internal Communications channels.

For example, Rebook is using a Wiki to share static information on the company, its products and campaigns. All employees are able to add a page and/or make modifications to an existing page on the Wiki. The company is also using a blog that acts as an internal news channel. The blog does in similarity to the Wiki support user-participation and all employees are able to comment on all blog articles. Some of the advantages that the company has identified include e-mail reduction and the ability to make knowledge and information available to all employees.

Christian does also address an important future issue: the ability to synchronise Internal and External Networks. This is something I believe is going to be quite important in the next few years, especially for Millennials. This group is more or less living their digital lives on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and possibility Twitter.

So what are the benefits of using external networks internally? According to Christian, they can be used to e.g. recruit the best talent, include brand fans and to build alumni networks. He doesn’t address any potential problems but I can see governance being one of them. According to a study published by AIIM Market Intelligence in June 2009, only 30% of the companies surveyed have policies on the use and content of blogs, forums and social networking. However, 45% are banning access to social network sites from desktops, usually to prevent time-wasting. What’s going to happen when companies integrate e.g. Facebook with their employee portals? How do you prevent employees for engaging in time-wasting activities? Will the management team filter the content so that it fits with the company’s business objectives? How should the management govern the usage of these networks internally so that employees are not discouraged to make use of them in a business context?

What do you think? Please leave a comment and let us know.

Christian’s slideshow can be found below:

NB: Registration is required to download the AIIM study.

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